Consolidating school districts illinois

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Consolidating school districts would cut expenses and reduce property taxes as well as benefit students, Ives said.

"Florida's got one school district per county," she said.

"Elgin (Area Unit District 46) and Chicago (Public Schools) are too big, actually. "At the same time, you cannot have 'zombie schools.' You can't have 140 kids in a high school and think that you're going to have a good result and have the resources to provide for them." Earlier in 2017, Rauner signed legislation to make consolidating units of government easier.

Jeanne Ives, while saying she believes in consolidating school districts, says that's not the case with all districts. Charles and Geneva, Wood Dale and Bensenville, and Mount Prospect and Elk Grove Township, to name a few, have faced possible mergers.

You would need to ask High School District 94 what it would do if it no longer had us as part of their tax base." Guidelines: Keep it civil and on topic; no profanity, vulgarity, slurs or personal attacks.The Commission would not be a permanent fixture in the general assembly.In fact, it would dissolve the day after issuing its report, which would have to be voted on by the Commission and sent to the governor and the general assembly within 60 days of the bill’s enactment.Comparable Legislation Pending in the House State Representative Linda Chapa La Via (D-Aurora), Chair of the Illinois House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee, has introduced HB1216 to create an 18-member School District Realignment and Consolidation Commission to report the “optimal enrollment for a school district and where consolidation would be beneficial.” The Commission would make recommendations to reduce duplication of efforts, eliminate obstacles between qualified teachers and students, lower property tax burdens, calculate the net costs savings of realignment, and advise school districts on reorganization.It would also be required to hold public hearings, the scope and purpose of which is not outlined in the bill.

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