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All of this friend zone complaining just shows why you have troubles because you look at each person as "will bang me today" or "won't bang me today". If you don't get hired for a job - no reason to burn bridges and run naked through the building screaming about a fire in your loins, instead you say thanks for letting me interview and if you have any openings we can talk again.

Even I already know she likes you so up your game alil... When I met my guy, we went out 6 out of 7 consecutive nights. Successful guys keep women friends - any and all that will have them.

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I'd rather here "I'm going to kiss you now" compared to "Can I kiss you? Baker, try this take her to a movie, either a romantic comedy or a horror movie, in the middle of the movie, lean up against her , if she doesn't push you away put your arm around her and look into her eyes and smile as in a genuine smile, its a icebreaker. And for the person that said 4 dates was too soon for a kiss, are you crazy? Whining about the dreaded friend zone is just another way to push the blame from you to her. You either moved too fast, asked too much, did something you can't recover from.Online dating services also differ widely in their revenue streams.Some sites are completely free and depend on advertising for revenue. When the moment's right, it's right, but don't force it. A man has never once said to me - if you aren't naked by the third date - you know we won't be going out again, just a heads up. When you make an invisible wall and someone doesn't break it down remember it was your wall and they never knew it. Sex may be top priority to men but rarely is it tops for women. The ones you want to keep can - should I put it that way? It was a month and at least ten dates before my last boyfriend and I kissed. I would wager not one of the men that say there is some limit is upfront about it.

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