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The management system consists of a set of maintenance and conservation measures.The strategy for the mine’s preservation focuses on a responsible redevelopment of the buildings for the purpose of culture and design, entertainment and tourism, implemented by the Zollverein Foundation.The Zollverein industrial complex in Land Nordrhein-Westfalen consists of the complete infrastructure of a historical coal-mining site, with some 20th-century buildings of outstanding architectural merit.

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"Dismantling the Prison-Industrial Complex" Workshop with Mariame Kaba Join us for this workshop led by nationally-renowned organizer, educator, and curator Mariame Kaba. source: UNESCO/ERI Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 ドイツ中部、ノルトライン=ウェストファーレン州に残る産業景観。建築近代化運動のデザイン概念を採り入れて設計された産業建築群で、20世紀における最新建築技術を導入した建造物も含まれ、工業地域における完全な設備を有する歴史的な産業記念物である。この炭坑業遺産群は、ヨーロッパにおける伝統的な重工業発展期の技術と構造の例証であり、150年以上におよぶ鉱業の発展と衰退の歩みを雄弁に物語っている。 source: NFUAJ Het industriecomplex Zollverein in Nordrhein-Westfalen bestaat uit de complete infrastructuur van een historisch kolenwinningsgebied.Hieronder vallen een aantal 20e-eeuwse gebouwen van opvallende architectonische waarde.It consists of the complete installations of a historical coal-mining site: the pits, coking plants, railway lines, pit heaps, miner’s housing and consumer and welfare facilities.The mine is especially noteworthy of the high architectural quality of its buildings of the Modern Movement.

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