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My nose is more developed now and I'm no longer a child, so I can appreciate perfumes that in the past I would have despised outright, and there are many classic arrangements that I have tiny vials of and swoon over on quiet nights like this one.But the one note I can almost never accommodate is hyacinth, and I knew from the moment I removed the heavy weighted cap from my long awaited bottle of Boudoir that I wasn't going to be able to wear the fragrance.Once that aldehyde-heavy/vintage/huge hit of warm spices opening calms down, you start to smell the individual spices and more understated florals.I don't get rose at all, which is a shame because it's one of my favourite notes.The base brings patchouli, warm and milky sandal wood, tobacco leaves, cinnamon and powdery soft vanilla. The top is made as a globe encircled by a ring, which symbolize the power of femininity.I find Boudoir to be an exemplary representation of the Vivienne Westwood fashion aesthetic; that is, pretty and glammed up but with a punk edge and absolutely dirty (both racy and "dirt"y).I get the carnation coming through quite strongly though.

The scent is definitely strong and eyebrow raising; but the eyebrows are then lowered by a knowing smile. I bought the current eau de parfum (amber in color, not pink) hoping specifically for the skank that most people mention in their review.

On the plus side - I don't get any of these 'skanky' notes that people have mentioned.

It dries down to warm, understated spicy and cosy, for me at least. If you're a warm spicy or vintage fan then you will adore this for sure.

Sillage is a good few inches and longevity is six hours and counting.. There is one note in this that ruins it for me and my heart is broken. Now, I love the smell of hyacinth when it's wafting from a potted plant or a patch of damp soil in someone's yard..I can't stand it in most perfumes.

It calls to mind every single fragrance my grandmothers and great aunts were doused in at family holidays when I was young.

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