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Alright, so this is another game that has been sitting in my backlog for way too long.But, since my office was closed for Spring Break I figured now was a good time as ever to pull this game out of the abyss and give it a play…I almost rage quit right then and there, because I was in no mood to start that mess all over again…So, after facepalming and a bit of swearing, I set my sights on Jail Bait Cutie’s route instead, don’t get me wrong, I liked Benito, he’s cute and definitely pretty slick with the flattery, but cradle robbing just isn’t my thing.It also didn’t hurt that John had a super cute bromance going on with one of the side characters, Lloyd, who I absolutely adored!In fact, now that I think about it I think I liked the side characters more than I liked the actual main love interests.

young street magician that hangs around Sian’s school; John, a famous actor currently moonlighting as Adam’s music producer; and Matthew, a shy model with an overbearing mother and a secret fear of women.And I must say, this is a huge step up from their first game in terms of content and quality.Not only does the game feature a full English voice cast, some of which have worked on some pretty big anime voice over gigs, but the opening and credits scenes were animated by Studio DEEN and boy are they crisp…I managed to get perfect stats for the end only by neglecting the guy I was trying to pursue so you can imagine, I didn’t get the Best End on that run… I’m still pissed about not getting that damn end, I was so close!I’d been warned about this before, but hearing it is one thing, experiencing it for yourself is a whole different thing altogether!

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