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Nur al-din al-Bahrayni, al-Sayyid Ni'mat Allah al-Jaza'iri and Amina Khatun, sister of al-'Allama al-Majlisi, helped him.Al-Majlisi could well manage all the works needed, so he only sent his students to collect and write verses of the Qur'an and hadiths under the titles he organized.Also, the type of analyses al-'Allama al-Majlisi gives about hadiths have been made in moderate Akhbari atmosphere and even where he faces rational issues, he criticizes that with a theological approach based on the apparent meaning, not with a rational and philosophical approach; therefore, some Shi'a scholars believe that al-'Allama al-Majlisi's explanations and comments are not accurate enough.

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Aqa Buzurg Tihrani says, "Bihar al-anwar is a comprehensive book which contains the narrations of the Ahl al-Bayt (a); accurate researches, better than which cannot be found and it must be said that similar to this book has neither been written in the past, nor would ever be written in the future." Imam Khomeini wrote, "Bihar al-anwar is the work of the great scholar of hadith, Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi which contains nearly 400 books and treatises; Bihar al-anwar is itself a library and its author wrote it when he saw that many hadiths books are about to be lost and wasted due to their small size and being less accessed." The important point about writing of Bihar al-anwar is that the author's limited usage of the Four Books made it a less important jurisprudential reference and even though it has a great coverage of other fields in Shi'a culture, it is not used in jurisprudential discussions as a common reference.

have been written in hurry and this has led to less beneficial and more erroneous discussions." At the beginning of the book, al-'Allama al-Majlisi mentioned 387 Shi'a books written by 25 authors as the sources.

He has also benefited from Sunni sources for proving and approving Shi'a hadiths the number of which reaches 85.

His explanations are not found in the volumes copied by his students.

Although al-Majlisi benefited from the assistance of some scholars, financial help of Safavid government, and different privileges and facilities for gathering sources for the process of writing Bihar al-anwar, according to available manuscripts and other evidences, he-after achieving scientific degrees and writing most of his books-did the main job himself.

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