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We do a little bit more shopping for him at department stores or retail.t FS: So, what happens with the clothes after shooting?JR: Our first project coming back into season two and going forward was to unpack the closet and pull out things we can use again.And sometimes we’ll be out shopping for Marnie and we’ll find Hannah pieces.They each have such a unique look that they all are extremely fun and can be challenging at the same time.

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There’s a couple pieces that we’ve taken out of play because they are incredibly identifiable.JR: Actually, guys that don’t wear clothes are just as difficult to dress as guys that do because you want to make sure the choices are right.We do the same process for the guys that we do for the girls.Marnie is certainly more polished and put together and she really tries hard, sometimes to great comedic effect. We try to shop very realistically, so we end up at H&M and also Lord & Taylor, but we know our way around a Forever 21 and those are stores where young girls shop.t FS: We’re dying to hear your picks for the top vintage shopping destinations in New York City. I actually get asked this question all the time and doing core shopping for characters is a very different shopping experience. Thrift shopping and vintage shopping, which are different kinds of things, you can’t really go with a list.Shoshanna is our most feminine, even girly, and a sweet character, so we gave her a lot of color palettes and silhouettes to reflect that. So we go with these characters in mind, which takes you in a very different direction then when you shop for your life.t FS: Which girl is the hardest to dress?

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