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He dallied with actress Lana Turner and told her he would leave his wife. The name of the hot young film star stirred Sinatra. With the kind of beauty that comes along once in a hundred years, she transfixed men and women alike. ’ his big voice carrying far into the quiet evening. And he was so ­enthusiastic and invigorated, clearly pleased with life, in general, himself, in particular, and, at that moment, me.’ So began one of Hollywood’s ­legendary pairings of alpha male and female. Despite her stupendous looks, she had no confidence and alcohol, consumed in quantity, made her forget her deep self-doubt and feel glamorous, ­intelligent, desirable — a person worthy of the ­attentions of Frank Sinatra.

She took her pleasures as she found them — and she found them everywhere. She had always had a thing for ­musicians but he was in a different league.

Meanwhile, he couldn’t get out of his mind the many other men there had been in her life.

Out relaxing on a boat on a lake one day, Frank suddenly said to her: ‘I bet Howard Hughes has got a bigger boat than this.

Though she was smokingly sexy, she was just a kid, Sinatra thought at the time, too young for him.

I suppose you wish you were out here with him.’Ava retorted: ‘I don’t care if he owns the Queen Mary. So shut up.’ ‘Don’t tell me to shut up,’ Frank snarled. Despite the difficulties between them, after his divorce from Nancy the couple married.

‘We’re going to redecorate Frank’s home,’ Ava gushed. Mrs Frank Sinatra is the happiest girl in the world! But at other times, as Sammy Cahn’s wife Gloria recalled, being with them ‘was like ­sitting on cracked eggs. But if it was hard work being married to Ava Gardner, it was just as tough being married to Frank Sinatra.

The third time, they both began laughing as he said hello. And now, here they were, just the two of them, faced with a decision.

Was it an accident that they ran into each other a few days later, in front of her place? Frank wasn’t usually keen on walking but suddenly he was getting out a lot. Dark haired with a white fur stole on her wide ­shoulders, he noticed how she prowled with the easy grace of a tigress.

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