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Louise is worse than any aspiring young actress who submits to the casting couch.At least such bitches are given the fucking that they so richly deserve. She flaunts her lithe young form; flashing that coquettish smile (an invitation it seems to go and give her a good hard fucking…) – but she never delivers.She even called her first album Naked – could her appeal be any more blatant?Louise’s appeal lies in this blending of the innocent and the slut; the little minx has proven herself more than capable of upping her image’s raunch ante to her male fans’ satisfaction.It seems that she knows exactly what we are thinking about while we look at her.The tune itself provides her with a chance to wriggle her lithe / pert young form for our pleasure.It seems that Louise draws a clear distinction between cock-teasing and cock- pleasing; she is happy to flaunt her bod in tight little numbers for certain men’s’ mags, but she refuses to go topless on holiday.One of her interviews was especially revealing: `I once wore a really nice dress and the back-light made it completely see- through.

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I migliori video hard ed erotici di donne mature, pornostar nazionali/internazionali e quelli di ragazze della porta accanto.

However, each story will feature the same protagonist – an individual with the power to control people’s minds.

At some point, I might determine the limitations of this power (ie how many people he can control at any one time), but, for now, all you need know is that, in order for control to be established, he must have skin-to-skin contact with his target, even if only for a split second.

No sooner had I heard this number, than I determined to see her perform it at the Hell Fire Club. Indeed, her recent return to the fray has seen her more sexed up than ever (something that we would never have dreamt possible…..); confidently proclaiming herself `A cook in the kitchen / A whore in the bedroom / Honey, I’ll be your teacher’.

Hmm, Louise Nurding / Redknapp as a whore – a lyric / image I intend to make prophetic.

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