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This takes place amid encouragement and jibes from the respective relatives.

These rituals are accompanied by singing from the older women.

Some of these traditions are fast disappearing, sparking mixed responses.

The event usually takes place at the bride’s house. Tayeb said some social traditions used to be practiced along or near the Nile over the past century.

A seventy-year-old woman who herself had taken part in the custom on her wedding night, commented: That a bride stands naked suggests her good health.”The jirtig and raht parties are only attended by female relatives, especially grandmothers, mothers and aunts of both couples.

The event usually takes place at the bride’s house. Social acceptance of these customs and rituals have been slipping over decades.

While some see it as a bad habit dating back to pre-Islamic ages, others stand by the tradition.

She says she did not see anything wrong in practicing such customs which were prevalent back then.

My mother stood completely naked and so did my grandmother and she even danced according to the traditions of her generation,” she added.

Hanan said she was not happy about this custom, even though she was among the modern brides who remain fully dressed during the ceremony.

Her grandmothers, however, had stood completely naked.

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