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Meanwhile Rick and Carol travel by car to get supplies for the group since most of the food was lost in the infected block.

They reach a suburb and find a young couple while searching the houses for food.

I write stories about WALKING DEAD, SHIVER/LINGER/FOREVER, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (1&2), HUNGER GAMES & CATCHING FIRE, I AM NUMBER FOUR, HELIX, PSYCH, ETC. The new year always gets me mixed up but hang in there, I'm slowly getting my routine back in order so look forward for more fanfic.. Twenty-eight years later and he might have found her again. The man was interesting, though, with his sleeveless hunter green shirt and ripped jeans. It was like she had never been there to care for them all. Without speaking, they both turned, aimed their weapons and stood, shoulder to shoulder, watching the tree line. When Daryl storms off after hunting one day it prompts him and Carol to have a little conversation that reveals more than they ever is the 5th and final entry for the USS Caryl challenge.. I think this is the first time Daryl actually noticed Carol and TBH her fury as she slammed that axe into eds head put a huge smile on my face. DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T LIKEMaybe if I fall asleep, I won't breahe right...

My three top things to write for/about are WALKING DEAD, SHIVER TRILOGY AND HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (1&2)!!!! He didn't look like he belonged in the city of New York. Carol knows after what Ed did she can't stay with him, so she takes Sophia and runs. Everyone had seemed to forget she had even existed. Without thinking, Daryl grabbed Carol by the arm, pulled her to his side and kept a firm grip on her. She's mine." He growled and Carol hadn't heard him sound like that since the quarry when he had been with Merle. As it is set in season 1, Daryl will seem like a jerk. "I'm hardly the woman I was a year ago,but if Ed walked through those doors right now, breathing, and told me to go with him, I'd like to think I'd tell him to go to hell." She had thought she'd been rid of him for good, but the moment those words left her mouth, she had jinxed herself. Rick and the group decides to go after the governor and kill him for sure, but this time Carol wants to go and a certain Redneck doesn't agree.

Kate struggles after learning her ex-fiancé is dating someone else, while Joss plays dirty to get a new client.This means that if Carol thought Karen and David would spread the illness, and didn't think she herself was a carrier too, then Carol was trying to kill Lizzie.Even if Carol's thinking was that Karen and David were too close to death and would turn, all she had to do was to lock their cell doors.I ship Caryl (twd), Meth (twd), Richonne (twd), etc. I ship Sarahx John (IAN4), I ship Sarah/Alan (Helix), I ship Julia/Peter (Helix), Jules/Shawn (Psych), Sam/Grace (Shiver/Linger/Forever), I am a songwriter who lives in NC, USA. The lifetime had run out and I couldn't recover them so I lost ALL progress and frankly I forget what I wrote for almost all of them so I have to redo them ALL so PLEASE be EXTREMELY patient with me because I'll be slow till I try to remember these and write them out. He looked like he belonged in a wilderness somewhere." Strictly Caryl. Daryl decides to check up on Carol before heading to his perch for the night. This will be a series of one-shots with summaries at the beginning of each one. She just never expected to run straight to another man, one Daryl Dixon. "I claimed her."The hand print was too small and the crime scene too messy to have been done by someone that hadn't wanted to get caught. Now, she was going to have to prove to herself that she was, indeed, stronger. AU after Season 3 (Has nothing to do with the sickness in Season 4). Even as a child, he rarely got sick and that had been a miracle considering the shithole he and his family had lived in. Some no-good poor boy who did nothing but drink, fuck, steal and break shit. Trying to balance his brother's presence and his own mixed feelings, things are not as easy as he expected. Disclaimer: I don't own the Walking Dead, they belong to Robert Kirkman and AMC. My name is Rachel and I'm always friendly so don't be shy to PM me. It was almost painfully clear that the killings had been done by an amateur. She wouldn't have left that much of a mess if she had hoped to get away with it. He supposed he had that period of his life to thank for making his immune system so resilient. Ed, The Governor, Woodbury..all becomes too much for Carol and she needs to get out. What happens when Carol realises that the dangers of this world are stronger inside than they are out? A collection of requests, prompts and drabbles from Tumblr. Fifth prompt, Be Around for The Readers Muse "The first thing that had struck her about the younger of the Dixons was the dirt. Not the type of guy you could leave to his own devices." A caryl/The Outsiders AU, co-written with Woe-Is-Jamey on tumblr. No copyright infringement is intended."Just a flat," she explained quietly. A nameless town." When the group spends the winter in Daryl's hometown, Carol finds herself joining him in a dangerous journey through his past. How could positive go to negative without a second chance?

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